Mexico´s City Subway Women

Hi y'all, these are some old drawing that did not quite make it to the printed form. Sometimes i wonder how are these ladies doing.

Just encountered them in the subway, but i remember them well. There is something about the women section that feels good. You can keep your guard down a lil bit. Women chatting, sharing the most intimate feelings, taking a nap, doing their make up, reading. Probably -for some of them- is the only time they have for themselves. 

This "technique" if you will, is very fun and practical when you wanna draw in secret. I mean, you don not want to be like HEY I AM DRAWING YOU, it can be a little invasive, i get it. So this thing called Blind Contour Drawing is good exercise, it consists on drawing the contour (duh) of a subject without looking at the paper. You can cheat for a sec, but i actually love to do is trying do the whole thing with a single line, i like to think it helps me to navigate the space (paper) better (?). I dont know, its fun. 

Should i do a Pandemic version? How much fun can a face mask be? Do we look the same now? I do not even get to the subway these days, i am bike b*tch now. Love you Subway Ladies xoxo

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